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HP DaaS Service - For Business

Device as a Service (DaaS)


In the era of "everything as a service", Device as a Service (DaaS) sounds like the natural evolution of things. And yet, while most businesses use MPS, they find it hard to stop buying "off the shelf" computers.

DaaS is not a technology, it is a new business model, a change of mindset that says that managing the tools you need to do your job is taken over by a third party, a specialized partner who knows the technology market better, has the necessary resources and the right staff to deliver truly advanced services whenever needed.

This partner is none other than Eurosupplies, a company with vast and long experience in digital equipment, MPS and specialized after sales support and service. HP DaaS services are offered by Eurosupplies, which is HP's Partner First Platinum Partner.

The benefits

As mentioned above, DaaS means Device as a Service. But what does this mean in practice? Simply put, instead of buying and managing the necessary digital equipment for your business (computers, screens, etc.), Eurosupplies takes over the process. The striking thing about the HP DaaS model is that the Eurosupplies is not only responsible for the selection (always according to your needs) of the equipment, maintenance, replacement or upgrading, but is also responsible for adapting the equipment and services as your business progresses. This means that you pay for exactly what you use and nothing more. What's more, what you pay for is exactly what you need, nothing more, nothing less.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of HP DaaS that you should consider is that the cost of your equipment ceases to be included in capital expenditures (CAPEX), but switches to operating (OPEX). So, almost from the first moment you will see your cashflow increase, enabling you to direct your resources where you really need it.

Device as a Service (DaaS)

What Eurosupplies has to offer

  •  Multiple operating systems

Get started by choosing from a wide range of devices and accessories offered as a service instead of products to buy.

   •  Device monitoring and data analysis

In addition to "leasing" devices, the service HP DaaS by Eurosupplies uses advanced analytics data to monitor the status and productivity of each device. So the problems are fixed before they even start and you always enjoy the devices running at maximum without interruption.

   •  Savings resources

Instead of wasting precious resources on cleaning up a virus, identify the threat before developing it with advanced security alert software. Understand which applications are most used by employees and identify programs or devices that are no longer effective.

   •  According to your needs

With the flexible and customized packages provided by Eurosupplies, your devices manage at all stages of their lifecycle, increasing efficiency at all levels of your business.

HP DaaS by Eurosupplies offers a complete solution that combines hardware, analytics, support and device management all in one simple service.

   •  Flexible packages

The simplicity and flexibility of packages HP DaaS by Eurosupplies lets you download day-to-day device management to Eurosupplies technical support.


Suitable for any business

The solution HP DaaS by Eurosupplies is suitable for any business regardless of industry and size. Whether you are a startup or a small business or a large organization, it is vital that the technology you use on a daily basis helps to grow the business rather than hinder it. Trust Eurosupplies and HP to begin your journey into the digital transformation that will take you into the future.


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